Born in France, Alexandre Beretta is a French-Irish muralist painter based in Lyon (France). After a year of study in visual communication in Paris, he joined the "Ecole Emile Cohl" in Lyon, an internationally renowned school in which he validated his first year of drawing. He then entered the International School of Mural Art in Lyon, the only school in Europe, "Ecohlcité". He graduated with the honors of this professional mural classes in June 2017 . Thanks to his artistic education and background, Alexandre is now a complete artist full of resources with relevant ideas.
"Currently represented by the Lyon-based «Superposition» Urban Art Gallery, Alexandre is now considered as an emerging artist on the urban contemporary art scene. Alexandre’s artistic approach seeks to create a link between past and present and is often focused on a message. His work aims to make his knowledge of art history accessible to others by translating it into a current context. His academic skills combined with his knowledge of street-art give him a definite advantage for this.
- Orbiane Wolff,  Superposition urban art gallery manager